Why you need a Tamron TAP-in Console?

by Devendra Pareek on December 18, 2021

Tamron TAP-in Console

In simple words its an Accessory that enables to update the firmware and to customize the settings of the Tamron lenses to better fit your needs.

Basically, the Tamron TAP-in Console USB lens mount and its accompanying TAP-in Utility software allow a computer to control the settings and programming, including firmware, of compatible Tamron lenses.




You can attach the lens to the TAP-in Console and then attach the console to the computer running the firmware update Tap-in Utility software, using a USB (Cable Provided). Once connected the software will automatically run the check for update and if update is found you can click the dialog box to update the lens.

Many of the Tamron lenses have received the firmware update to address compatibility and other issues. The main role of the console is that it makes it so much easier to fix any compatibility issues without the need to ship the product to the manufacturer or a service centre for the update. Especially when the console itself costs less then the entire process.

The following are the reasons you need the Tap-in Console

  1. Fix Lens calibration issues
  2. Unreliable back and front focusing – This happens due to compatibility issues and is very common when it comes to lenses.
  3. Auto Focus (AF) adjustments can be made for multiple focus distances and at multiple focus lengths for zoom lenses.
  4. To set focus limiters

For Example, in Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC G2 Lens AF adjustments can be made at 6 different focal lengths. With 3 focus distance adjustments available at each focal length, there are18 total adjustments available for this lens, ready to drive perfectionists crazy.


Also, please note the console can be used to make adjustments to the Tamron lens for Canon, Nikon and Sony camera’s and not the camera itself. Meaning two lenses may give different results based on your camera settings even though you have set them with the same settings.

When supported by a focus limiter switch on the lens, the software's Focus Limiter tab provides the ability to customize the autofocus distance range selected by the non-full focus limit switch settings (typically one or two of the two or three switch positions).

The Tamron TAP-in Console version is camera mount-specific and available in Canon, Nikon and Sony versions.

Tap-in console is an inexpensive way to make life better for photographers depending on compatible Tamron lenses.