Yaber entertainment projector met friends at CES 2022!

In CES 2022, Yaber showcased a new range of projectors and projection solutions, including the popular LCD series and high-end series (laser projectors and DLP projectors).

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5-In-1 Beauty Care Face Massager

Dhs. 18.75

Acqua Panna Mineral Water Glass Bottle 250 ml

Dhs. 4.75Dhs. 8.00

AEE B10 Universal Head Strap Mount For Action Camera - Black

Dhs. 71.95Dhs. 98.00

AEE B13 Universal Adjustable Chest Strap

Dhs. 90.00Dhs. 98.00

AEE C02 Universal Action Camera Suction Cup Mount Car

Dhs. 62.95Dhs. 131.25

AEE HC107 Action Camera Bag Universal Hard Case - Small

Dhs. 71.95Dhs. 78.00

AEE HC110 Action Camera Bag Universal Hard Case - Big

Dhs. 198.95Dhs. 228.00

AEE M13 Universal Ski/Surfboard Mount

Dhs. 55.45Dhs. 68.00

AEE Outdoor Sports Action Camera Accessories Kit

Dhs. 214.95Dhs. 249.00