Yaber entertainment projector met friends at CES 2022!

In CES 2022, Yaber showcased a new range of projectors and projection solutions, including the popular LCD series and high-end series (laser projectors and DLP projectors).

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Home & Kitchen (123)

falcon Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil 25 Sq. Ft 7.74m x 30cm

Dhs. 4.20

GOSMART Disposable Paper Napkin 75 sheet 30 x 30

Dhs. 1.44Dhs. 5.00

Selecto Multi-purpose Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissor, S1065

Dhs. 10.50Dhs. 15.00

Divine Copper Stainless Steel Hammered Pot(Handi) No.3 , HAN-3

Dhs. 49.00

Divine Copper Stainless Steel Hammered Pot(Handi) No.4 , HAN-4

Dhs. 67.00

Divine Copper Hammered Bottle with 2 Glasses(350ml each), BT-102

Dhs. 83.00

Soehnle Beach Design Weighing Scale 61296

Dhs. 10.50Dhs. 21.00

Hotpack 50pcs Paper Cups with Handle 7oz

Dhs. 4.25

Hotpack Paper Cups 6oz - 50pcs

Dhs. 3.00