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Tamron Tap in Console NIKON A01N

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Tamron Tap in Console is used to update the firmware of the compatible CANON lenses to fix compatibility issues and also gives tools to modify the Auto Focus and to set the focus of the lenses based on your requirements. 

You can also overrise manual focus and can set them using distance limiters.

It is a must for every professional photographer looking to improve oneself and to save time setting focus of the lenses. Supported lenses have multiple focus limiters that helps with various situations.

For more details on why you need a Tap-in Console please visit check out our Blog.

  • Update firmware of compatible Nikon lenses
  •  Update firmware of the TAP-in Console™ itself
  •  Allows lens focus adjustments to be made
  •  Focus distance limiter customization (for lenses with Focus Limiter feature)
  •  Full-time Manual Focus override customization (for lenses with Full-time Manual Focus feature)
  •  Allows VC adjustment (for lenses which have VC)
  •  Save customized data files
  •  Free Tamron TAP-in Utility, available for Mac and Windows OS
  •  Power source: USB bus powered (via supplied USB cable)
  •  Dimensions: 72 x 26mm